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Services For Individuals

Global Education Is Not Just For Students 

We are all constantly learning and growing. If you are actively looking for something different - an experience that will challenge you to become a more authentic version of yourself, we will assist you in creating this reality.


Whether you are looking to embark on an independent sojourn, take an unconventional family vacation, or plan a wellness retreat, we are here to help you design your transformational journey. 



During this initial phase, we will help you identify your goals and collaboratively visualize the ways in which we can design your journey to achieve its transformative potential.



Based on your goals and vision, together we will create an itinerary and activities for your journey. We will also provide customized educational resources to challenge your thinking and take your learning further.



We provide customized coaching packages to encourage and inspire you during the transformative learning process. Let us help you navigate the challenges and reach your growth potential on your individualized journey.


Start with a Consultation

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