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Kempie Blythe

Founder | Consultant

Kempie’s passion for international experiential education and quest for experiences that challenge her began as a teenager. Fascinated by what lied beyond the boundaries of the world she knew, she had the privilege of studying abroad during high school. It was not just learning about cultures that excited Kempie, it was also the way she was able to tap into a more authentic version of herself - often during moments of struggle in which she was prompted to rethink her current understanding of the world, human nature, and difference.  

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Bringing over a decade of field experience, Kempie has guided, coached, and mentored hundreds of young adults ranging from high school to college through diverse landscapes and transitions in life. Inspired by her own experiences as a student, Kempie has dedicated her career to helping students challenge their worldviews, discover their passions, as well as develop the necessary skills to connect beyond borders. Kempie diverse experiences include piloting, co-designing, facilitating, and expanding Global Learning Across Borders’ Morocco gap semester program for 5 years. She also co-designed and led custom school programs for The Hotchkiss School and The Masters School. She facilitated several programs for Where There Be Dragons and the International Honors Program. Kempie has led and managed programs in India, Morocco, Jordan, Senegal, Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina, and Brazil as well as traveled extensively throughout Asia and Africa. 


In addition to designing, managing, and facilitating international experiential education programs in the field, Kempie holds a Master’s degree in International Education and Development with a focus on Peace and Human Rights Education from Teachers College at Columbia University. In graduate school, she conducted original research on the role international experiential educators play in facilitating transformative learning in experiential education abroad. As a consultant for Avenues: The World School, Kempie co-constructed the infrastructure of and resources for Global Journeys international programming. Specifically, she designed the experiential curriculum and created original resources to assist the faculty in transitioning into the role of international experiential educators as well as supported the development of systems and policies to run safe and impactful programs. She also coaches students, families, and adults in developing gap years tailored to their interests for Gap Year Guru. 


In addition to her Master's degree, Kempie holds a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Religion with an emphasis on Eastern Philosophy from Colorado College and earned a Fulbright teaching grant in Indonesia.

"A person susceptible to “wanderlust” is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation."  – Pico Iyer  

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